Friday, June 15, 2012

Excessive eating

I had lunch today with some friends at an all-you-can-eat Japanese food restaurant.  I ate so much that I feel like I committed a deadly sin - gluttony.  We ate at 'Matsuda', a restaurant in a plaza at the corner of Middlefield and Steeles.  For a decent price $14, I definitely over-ate.  It's been well over 5 hours since we had lunch, my stomach is still bloated and I feel nauseous.
Whenever I go to an AYCE restaurant, my friends and I have a bad habit of saving an empty stomach.  It's a bad habit because when we order, we feel so hungry that we order more than we can actually eat.

Does that happen to you? Ordering more than you can eat?


  1. I tend to order more than I can eat, but I always make sure I have a friend who can eat a lot to come with me :) Also, to eat more at AYCE, it's better to eat more the day before instead of starving yourself because by starving yourself, your stomach actually shrinks and you would fit in less.


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