Monday, October 15, 2012

Latest update and purchases

To my dearest blog readers,
I apologize for the lack of posts and for slacking off in the past 2 months.  I've been working hard for the extra pocket money so it's been hard for me to keep my blog updated.  But now that I have two jobs, I might update my blog on dramas that happen almost everyday! A girl at one of my two jobs has been jealous of me lately and she's been making up these rumours about me -- an act of a 'bully'.  The only reason I haven't confronted her yet is because I haven't past my three-month probation.  Though my manager has told me I don't have to wait for the three months to end and I can say whatever I please.  But I'd like to secure my job status before I make a move.  And I'm super excited for the coming of November as I will step out of my shadow and show her some of my true colours.  =)  So November's update should be pretty interesting ;)

Now moving on...

Here's a few of my recent purchases that I'd like to share / recommend.

1.  Tory Burch Robinson Envelope Continental Wallet in Pretty Violet - $250 CAD

I'm absolutely lovin' this wallet.  You can keep a few cards, some bills and change.  I've been laying off the credit cards lately so I try to keep minimal cards in my wallet.
2.  Marshall purchases - $19 CAD each

The one thing I like about Marshalls and its sister companies are their uniqueness.  Shopping in there is like shopping in a large boutique store.  It may be annoying, frustrating and a lot of clothes to select from but you can find things that is unique to your style.  Their summer season clothes are on clearance and I happen to find these dresses.  I was thinking of throwing a cardigan over these, and maybe a belt.

3.  La Roche-Posay Nutritic Lips - $13 CAD

A few months ago, my lips were so dry that I had to see the doctor to figure what was wrong with me.  My doctor wrote up a prescription for a medicated cream and told me to buy this chap stick after I finish the cream.  I was skeptical about purchasing this, since the reviews on MakeUpAlley weren't that great but my lips seemed to be growing worse again so I bought this 2 weeks ago and have been applying it as often as I remember.  Luckily, it is working.  My lips are feeling hydrated, so I'm definitely writing a full review on this later.  ;)

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