Sunday, April 8, 2012

Review: Cake Beauty Citrus Squeeze Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Bought this jar of body scrub about 5 years ago and have been using it on and off since then.  Interchangeably, I use a loofah - probably more often than this jar of body scrub.  However, I do recognize the great results the body scrub gives. 

The scent:  Smells like lemon and other citrus fruits blended together

Consistency:  Has the liquidity of oil.  It's mixed with raw sugar that doesn't dissolve with time.

Application:  I use this after I've body washed.  I grab a palm full of the raw sugar and rub it along my legs and arms to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells.

Packaging:  It didn't come with a box, just the plastic jar.

What it claims:  "... this will exfoliate and moisturize leaving your body irresistible with true citrus a-peel..."

Thoughts / Results:
Like what it claims, it does exfoliate well and moisturizes your body.  Works better than simply using body wash and a loofah.  Though, I suspect some people may not like the slight greasy feeling left behind from this scrub after you quickly rinse through.

As for the packaging, I like that it's in a plastic jar.  But I wish there was some sort of more hygienic way to scoop out the sugar.  Maybe some sort of a mini measuring cup that measures the average amount a person typically needs to exfoliate their body.

The smell of the scrub is perfect.  IMO, it's not overpowering and not an irritating scent.  As a matter of fact, it's quite refreshing.

Cost:  $32 CAD (Though I bought it when it was on sale)

Product: Cake Beauty Citrus Squeeze Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Body Scrub
Rating: 4.5 / 5

-  Exfoliate and moisturizes well
-  Comes in a plastic jar

- Doesn't have a tool to scoop out the brown sugar

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