Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review: Anna Sui Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation 15 PA++

There aren't a lot of places in the GTA that sell Anna Sui cosmetics.  Only selected Shoppers Drug Mart and selected The Bay stores.  I picked mine up at SDM while they had the 20x optimum points when you spend $50 or more.  I chose this foundation because it is meant for dry skin, and because it was winter at the time I bought it, my skin was dry and I needed a foundation that wasn't heavily thick.

The scent:  There's a very light floral scent to it - almost unnoticeable.

Consistency:  Not thick but not too runny.

Application:  I've used both the MAC 190se brush and the MAC 187 brush.  I prefer using the MAC 187 for this foundation, although it does take awhile to stipple on the foundation, because this foundation gives a sheer-medium coverage.  So to get better coverage with this foundation and conceal some flaws on my skin, I prefer to use the MAC 187.  Using MAC 190se would require me to layer on the foundation and could easily get cakey.

Packaging:  Very innovative packaging.  The edition I got has a flower bottle.  I tried searching this same item on the website, but found that they've changed the bottle this year to a heart-shaped.  Also, the bottle comes with a pump - very convenient.  Though sometimes it does get dirty.

What it claims: "Lightweight liquid foundation that provides sheer coverage.  Combines skin-friendly oil with moisturizing powder.  Smoothly glides on to hide pores and minor imperfections.  Reflects light for a flawless complexion with natural glow.  Broadly protects skin from the damage of UV rays."

Thoughts / Results:
Just like the name says, it's a moisture rich fluid foundation.  Doesn't dry out my skin which is what I need for the winter season.  When winter comes, my nose gets dry and skin starts to flake.  =( The foundation formula does the job well.  This foundation will last from day to night without drying up my skin.  It is a non-drying formula and has SPF 15, so it gives a dewy look.  Sometimes I would matify my skin with a pressed powder, while other times I would directly spray on makeup setting spray.  Either way works well.  Like it claims, it does hide pores.  As for minor imperfections, I'd say so-so.  Like if I just had a popped a zit the night before and used this foundation today, concealing the zit will require a concealer.  So to define minor imperfections will mean something like sunspots and blood vessels under the skin.
The one downside of this foundation line is the lack of colour variation.  There were only six shades with this foundation.  I'd say the colour I got - P05 - is still a tiny bit lighter than my skin tone.  To get my skin tone colour, I'd probably have to mix two shades to get it.

Cost: $38 @SDM

About half a pump gives this much of product
Left: Semi rubbed in; Right: Fully rubbed in

Product: Anna Suit Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation SPF 15 PA++ in P05
Rating: 4 / 5

- Gives healthy skin, dewy look
- Sheer-medium coverage
- Has SPF15
- Non-drying formula
- Has a pump

- Limited shades
- Skin needs to be in pretty good condition for this product to outshine - so no breakouts - but if only one or two zits, I'd recommend applying concealer first, then the foundation


  1. Such a pretty bottle! I should not be tempted~~ :) Thanks for sharing~

  2. @eLLah: Agree, the pretty bottles are such a temptation to collect. The quality of their foundations aren't bad, but sadly, Anna Sui cosmetics isn't that popular in North America.


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