Monday, April 2, 2012

Sephora Mini Haul

I stopped by Sephora today to pick up my friend's powder brush that she wanted and something that I may want if I see it.  After some deep thought and browsing around, I was deciding between the Dior cream and the YSL matte and radiant powder.  Turns out, I needed the Dior cream more.

I guess not a lot of Beauty Insiders are up to date on the Sephora sales.  When I went to the cash to pay, the girl standing beside me overheard me talking about the 15% sale and immediately asked for her discount.  

What I got:
Dior Pro-Youth Comfort Creme - $65 CAD
Sephora Round Powder Brush #120 - $52 CAD

$15.21 CAD

Total after discount and tax:
$112.38 CAD

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