Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Arumee Pro-Moist Cleansing Milk

This bottle of cleansing milk is old.  My mom bought it in Jan 2008 when she went to Hong Kong.  Ha, took me four years to write up a review for this.  This is my first bottle of cleansing milk.  Before this, I've never tried this type of facial cleansing product.  My first impression of cleansing milk is "does it do the job well?".  Honestly, this product does a surprisingly good job.  I mean it's not the best but compared to the Origins Cleansing Milk sample size version I've used, this bottle of cleansing milk works a lot better.

The scent:  Has a refreshing floral scent.

Consistency:  Thick and creamy.

Application:  I usually take 2 to 3 pumps of this product and rub it all over my whole-day's worth of makeup.  Then tissue it off.  This only wipes out off majority of my makeup.  Next, I take whatever facial cleansing product I have to cleanse my face.

Packaging:  This product is stored in a glass bottle.  It has a pump and a cap.  I don't recall it came in a box.

What it claims:  "As a creamy type, this cleansing lotion is supposed to softly and lightly eliminate makeup you made on the face.  Thanks to cleansing factors, which are soft to skin and have exceptional cleansing effects.  Since it contains aha, it is easily able to get rid of aged keratin as well as plagues on skin.  The willow bark extract also dramatically reduces keratin having anti-inflammation.  As a result, it is expected to make your skin clean and good-looking."

Thoughts / Results:
First the scent, I kinda like the scent.  Reminds me of the products my mom used to use when I was a little girl.
Depending on how dry my skin is, 2 or 3 pumps of this product can take off all my makeup.  Like with all other products, this cleansing milk isn't designed to clean off eye makeup.  And the result of not following instructions of this product is blurry vision.  But of course, rinsing your eyes will help.  I don't recommend removing eye makeup with this product.  But if you insist, be careful.
I do like using this product.  It removes most of my makeup, but leaving a tiny bit behind.  That's good enough for me because then I'll be using another facial cleansing product anyway.  Again, compared to the Origins cleansing milk, this removes makeup really well.  It also leaves my skin feeling soft.  I don't like the feeling of using this product as my last facial cleansing step.  I get paranoid that the creamy texture will absorb into my skin along with the bits of my makeup residue.  Although I have used this product as my last facial cleansing step, I almost always follow up with another non-cream facial cleansing product.
As for my thoughts on what this products claims to do, I don't notice some of the results it claims to give.  For example, it claims to contain willow bark extract which is suppose to help keep pores unclogged.  But this can't be too true as I had multiple breakouts on and off during the time I was using this product.  So it didn't do a good job of keeping my pores clear of debris.
Also, I'm not too fond of the glass bottle packaging.  The packaging makes it so much heavier.  I like the pump and the cap so I don't have to stick my fingers to grab the product and dust doesn't build up on the packaging.

Cost:  Not sure, too long ago.

One small drop of Arumee Pro-Moist Cleansing Milk

 Demonstration: A drop of foundation rub into to skin and cleaned off with this product.

Foundation removed with the cleansing milk and tissued off

A piece of facial cleansing cloth use to wipe off any extra makeup residue left on my hand.

Product: Arumee Pro-Moist Cleansing Milk
Rating: 4 / 5

- Very good makeup removal product
- Nice scent

- Doesn't keep pores clear

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