Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Wal-Mart Rant

Yes, I have yet again another rant.  I went to a Wal-Mart today and received some absolutely terrible customer service at the cash register.  I had to pick up a box of Aspirin for my mom.  Apparently, it is a over the counter item and the woman there told me I have to pay that there.  I was totally cool with that, and I asked her if I could pay for other stuff there.  And she said no, she will only ring up pharmacy department items, which is weird because normally they don't have this rule.  Although it was inconvenient for me, I let it be.  And I could clearly tell she was being a lazy.  I ended paying with my Wal-mart credit card, which I have managed to accumulate $5 worth of rewards.  And $5 rewards is hard to accumulate, especially when I don't shop @Wal-mart that frequently.  Normally, the protocol after ringing up all items and swiping the customer's Wal-mart credit card is to ask the customer if they want to use their reward money, if they have any.  But this b*tch outsmarted herself and assumed I wanted to use my points and redeemed my points without asking me first.  UGHHH!

You can tell when a CSR has been working there long enough if he/she scans your items and types in the cash register really fast, like they've been doing it for so long, they can do it in their sleep.  Anyways, she used my reward money without asking me, so I told her to fix it.  With people lining up behind me, I was starting to make it a big deal and humiliated her in public.  She called the customer service people twice to go to the Pharmacy cash register.  And in between, she told me I could go to customer service desk if I want to hurry things up.  But I knew what she was trying to do, she didn't want to see herself get into a mess and getting b*tched at.  But me being me, I like to complicate things, so I said no, I'm staying here.  When she was calling those CSRs, she literally slammed the phone to hang up.  Clearly wanted to make a statement to me, but seriously girl, you're gonna have to pull your PMS somewhere else.  As I was waiting, I knew I wasn't the only one feeling the same way towards this b*tch.  The lady behind me asked her to ring up her other Wal-mart items, and the b*tch told her the same thing she told me.  After the lady behind me made her purchase, she walked away while saying with a pretty loud voice "whooooa ruuuude!"  What's worse is some other customer bought 2 bags of shrimp cracker chips, a bottle of pills and some non-Pharmacy department item right in front of me.  B*TCH! While I was waiting, I took a close look at her skin.  She's packed on layers of foundation, along with loose powder to camouflage her flaws, but clearly unsuccessful.  She lined her upper eyelid with black eyeliner and winged it out but EPICLY FAILED! She winged out her liner with a thick line.  Girl, before you walk out of that house of yours, the least you could have done is make yourself look half decent and not horrific like you're welcoming Hallowe'en.
So finally, after like 10 mins, the CSR finally came by and could NOT fix her f-ing mistake.  What's best is right in front me and in front of other customers, the CSR b*tched @her. Score!

Anyways, I've decided after I accumulate up to my next $5 reward dollars, I'm going to stop using it.  It's a waste of time and effort! So do I recommend the Wal-Mart credit card? Um, no!


  1. LOL it seems like u cared more about getting the girl in trouble than your $5 back, but maybe if u complained more to the CSR she would've just given u another $5 in a gift card or something. :P

  2. @Joan: Ya, I was so pissed off at the girl. They wouldn't compensate with the $5 GC, because it was used on the Aspirin anyway, so I get to pay less for the bottle of Aspirin. I was more angry at the fact that she just used my reward dollars without my consent, she was rude, and considering the amount of time and effort put into accumulating that $5 Wal-mart reward money, it just didn't even out. But now that I've calmed down and reflected on it, there's really no worthy benefit to keep using the Wal-mart credit card. It's so much effort for such small return.


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