Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buffalo Black Friday Weekend Haul

I'm super late on updating this haul.  I went to Buffalo a few weeks ago to take advantage of the exchange rate on the Sunday of Black Friday.  I didn't get much but everything added up to ~$250 USD.

First is a Coach coin purse.  I may seem like a granny for buying myself a coin purse, but I much rather carry a coin purse than to have a bulky wallet filled with coins.  This small coin purse is between the size of a hand and a palm.  This cost me $37.27 USD, including tax, @Coach outlet store in Niagara Fashion Outlet. 

Second, I got Ralph Lauren Polo zip-up sweater from the Ralph Lauren outlet store @NFO.  This cost me ~$44 USD.  Really hot pink eh? I'm usually not the type for really attractive (actually I meant attention-drawing) clothing.  But after staring at it for a little longer, I grew to like it.  I'm starting to try out new coloured clothes and change up my closet.

Finally, the last thing I bought.  I've been longing for a pair of UGG boots for a long time.  So here it is! =) I see classic UGG boots out on the streets, and I'm one to follow the trend but with some alterations that fits my style.  These retails for $225 CAD @SoftMoc or any other store in Canada.  But I got these for $150 USD.  Because of the Black Friday weekend sale, The Walking Company @Walden Galleria didn't have tax on all their products.  Score!  These are super warm.  It's been freezing cold and snowing lately, and I've worn these out without socks and my toes were still kept warm.  So I def think $150 for these boots were worth it!

The main purpose of this trip was to get a pair of UGG boots and I'm super happy that I wasn't custom taxed on them - a bonus!

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