Sunday, December 19, 2010

Review: Make Up For Ever Eye Liner

I bought my Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes eye liner in matte black back in September of 2009.  So I have had a pretty long time to try this out.  It cost me $19 CAD @Sephora.  This liner glides on my water line.  Occasionally, I'd it on my upper eye lid lash line, winging it out using a liner brush.  This is a nice liner such that it doesn't require pressure or warming up the product to make the black show up on the lash line.  And when I make a mistake, a Q-tip and 1-3 gentle swipes will do.  When applied to my upper lash line, it doesn't wear off throughout the day.  Now the problem with this liner is how easily it smudges on my lower lash line and water line.  It doesn't take long until it smudges - around 10-20 mins for me, making me look like a panda bear.  Part of the reason is my oily eye lids.  Honestly, I could probably find a similar quality eye liner from the drug store, for a less expensive price.
Overall, I don't hate nor love this eyeliner and I probably won't repurchase this either.
Here's an example of my smudged liner not long after applying:

Product: Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes eye liner in matte black
Rating: 2.5 / 5

- Lasts long on my upper lid
- Doesn't smudge when on my upper lid

- Doesn't take long for it to smudge on my lower lash line or water line
- Expensive for the same quality as some drug store eye liners

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