Monday, December 13, 2010

Haul: Sephora (December 2010)

As I wrote in my last post, I had to decide on what to purchase using my $15 off my $40 minimum purchase @Sephora.  And here is my haul.

I guess they were selling out of the Shiseido SPF50 Sunscreen due to the BI promo but I managed to spot the last one.  With the promo, it cost me $40.25 CAD.
Then I got a UDPP Professional size (0.85 fl oz) for $28.75 CAD, normally retails for $35 CAD.  I was contemplating on getting this when I found the Shiseido Sunscreen, because I could have saved more on my Shiseido Sunscreen.  But thinking twice about it, the UDPP pro size is a little more than 2x the size of the UDPP original ones (0.34 fl oz), which usually cost $22 CAD a bottle.  So clearly, it's worth it to purchase the pro size one using the BI promo discount.

Anyways, I got use my Sephora $50 GC.  Well it came in pretty handy today as I paid $29.92 CAD for my two items.  The two things I bought came up to $79.92, which is weird because the receipt says the subtotal is $69 CAD.  Tax should technically be calculated upon the subtotal, so it should have been $8.97 CAD but my receipt says $10.92 CAD.  This means Sephora calculated tax before the promo code was applied to my purchases.


  1. thats super weird how they cal tax that way. do let me know what u think of the sunscreen, i got it too and i wrote a review for it. i wonder how it works on others :)

    and we're having a toronto meet up, do let me know if u can come! : ):)

  2. @MissJayce: this is actually my 2nd bottle of Shiseido SPF 50 Sunscreen and I really love it. I used my first bottle thru this past summer and I didn't notice any new sunspots nor did my old sunspots darken. So I find it really did do its job. =)

    I'd love to come to your Toronto meet up, but I can't make it on the 22nd. =( If there's any change, I'll def let you know.


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