Friday, September 24, 2010

TomTom GO630

This is totally not beauty related.  My dad and I went to Wal-Mart today to get a GPS navigation system.  We used to have one but never really got around using it.  It was huge and never received reception in our van.  I'm so happy that we FINALLY got a new one.  For the past few months, I've been driving around the Toronto - NorthYork area.  And I'm not too familiar with that area so using the traditional way, I had to pull out that old, ripping apart map which was extremely inconvenient for me to read as I'm driving alone. =| I'm just lucky I was never pulled over.  But anyways, I'm charging my TomTom right now so I'll be able to use it tomorrow.  Being silly me, I'll probably just drive around my neighbourhood just to test it out. LOL!

The best part of this purchase is it cost only $118 + tax.  Well you might be thinking, I could be spending this money on more makeup.  But frankly, in the long run, this purchase will totally be worth it - well that's if you have a license and can drive.  Ontario, Canada now has this law that you must not be driving and talking on the phone or text message - because it's obviously dangerous.  So another great thing about this GPS is the fact that it has a Bluetooth.  =) So yes, I'm not going to get brain cancer from Bluetooth earpieces !

I'm the kind of person that loves technology gadgets that make life easier - i.e. Iphones.  I'm planning on getting one soon.  Most people in the city now has a smart phone.  Who doesn't? Well that would be me.

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