Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today is just NOT my day!

Ok, can things go anymore wrong today? So I sold this old Hello Kitty camera, that I had for the longest time, on eBay.  This lady from a city within Ontario bid and won.  I waited a little more than 24 hours and she finally paid.  She paid at a time that was nearly 5PM -- the time the mailman comes by the PO to pick up the mail.  So I had to hurried, packed it up, checked on PayPal to see if the address was confirmed, printed the Shipping Label and drove over to Shoppers Drug Mart to drop off the package.  Everything sounds great right? Well then, I came home and find a message from her that tells me to ship it to another place.  Umm... I'm like WTF??!? For one, I was panicking at that moment - don't ask me why, it's not even my fault.  And two, she's telling me to ship her package to an address that wasn't confirmed by PayPal so how am I insured that the package will hand at her door or whether she'll be honest that the package arrives in her hands? Apparently that address on her PayPal records is where she used to work and it's out of her way to drive there.  Umm, is that my problem? Is it not HER problem that she didn't change her addy? So then she threatens to file a dispute with me.  Well, I don't really see what I've done wrong.  So she tells me she's had things mailed to her current addy that is NOT confirmed through PayPal and/or eBay.  Then again, how am I suppose to verify that? So yeah, she seemed pretty shady.  Like what if I DID ship it to the unconfirmed addy and she files a dispute against me anyways? And if my "kindness" to help her out will get myself in trouble, is it worth it?  Hell no, I'm not going to risk that. 

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