Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gift cards

On my birthday - Sep 10, my friend and her sister got me birthday gifts from Aritzia and Sephora, respectively.  My friend got me a TNA gym bag, but I returned it for a gift card since I find the gym bag was pretty heavy.  Plus, there wasn't anything I found to be nice at the store.  So I've decided to wait for the next season's new arrivals.

As for the Sephora gift card, I'm waiting for Sephora's 10% sale.  I think it's 10% sale, or was it 15%? But I remember they had a sale during last year's September and this year's January - which was the time when I got my Clarisonic =) .  I'm not craving for anything from Sephora right now.  Neither is there anything I necessarily need.  Hmm... Any recommendations? Anything I should give it a try?
I'm considering of getting something from Benefit, since I've never tried their products.  But I don't know what to try.  =\

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