Friday, September 17, 2010

Pissed off day #2

Ugh!  I'm USUALLY not b*tchy whatsoever.  I mean to strangers, I'm quiet and polite.  But today or rather just minutes ago, I was at the post office dropping off 3 packages to get them shipped off internationally.  I pre-paid for 2 already and just need to pay for one of them.  So I see this cranky, old, past middle-aged woman who I saw working yesterday at the post office, she was impolite and rude yesterday but worst today.  I was shipping a package to Malaysia and my buyer just gave me her full address in which I don't even know what part of the address is the city and what's the street name, so I thought.. Well ok, I'll just pay for the postage at the post office.  I was expecting some sort of slip I have to write on and stick it on the package to ship it off, but apparently I don't.  Well I'm only experienced with pre-paid shipping, so I'll just blame myself for my ignorance.  So I was holding a piece of line paper with the printed address on there.  This piece of paper was uncut A4 paper - since I wasn't expecting to stick it on.  I told her I needed to pay for the one package I have left and I need it shipped off to Malaysia.  She saw that there was no label on there and took my sheet and she gives me this attitude and said to me (in these exact words) "Well you're lucky there's no line behind you".  Her tone of voice just disgusted me.  Then she starts cutting the address out and sticking it on the package.  So whatever, I'm forgiving, I just ignored that part - for most people, I think they would have slapped her face and left.  Anyways, I asked her to send the unpaid package as a Light Packet.  But did she do it? No.  Why? I have no idea, because I have measured the exact measurements of the package to be able to ship it off as a Light Packet (the cheapest method of international shipping).  She just blew me off with a "No, it has to be a Small Packet."  So then I was just pissed off at this point, I just walked off with my package.  Now I just wish I've asked to see her superior.  I mean with this sort of customer service, I think she deserves to be fired.  Especially in this disastrous economy.  This is NOT the first time I've dealt with her and EVERY TIME, she's been this rude.  Sometimes, some people just need to learn their lesson the hard way.  I seriously hate dealing with rude people, especially when THEY are the ones providing service and are getting paid to do their job.


  1. Great little rant!
    haha I deal with Canada post so I hear you clearly!

    So what I found out about light packets, is you have to really watch how you send things.! I had spent 3 hours the other day doing my new shipping charts for ebay and there was ups and downsides to somethings and straight up confusing.
    I am looking at using Paypal to set up my shipping labels, I have not done that, I do it all the old school way.
    I found I could send things as light packet to 100g and then have to switch to small packet and cannot use large envelope because you can't send 'non paper items' in them, even if they are relatively flat.
    And since I've been sending things out for 10 years now, I have had my share of VERY nasty canada post employees... mostly women oddly.
    They are judgemental , and out of their minds, and even though I would not save a cent with the Venture card (because I send mostly small packets)
    they always try to push it on me.
    One thing I have been told, by a cool employee at the actual canada post office in my city, that it's best to avoid the small offices that you see at the drug stores or other places, because they are contract and handle the same traffic as the official offices, but get paid 1/3 the amount. And, this does make sense, those are the places I encounter the problems, usually at Shoppers Drug mart outlets, who hire on 1 aging baby boomer, who thought they would be sitting back sipping margarita's by now, but due to their huge mortgage and car payments and vacation fund, are stuck processing orders there...and also, locking younger people out of the job force. So you see, there are many problems just in this one issue! Peace

  2. @freqazoidiak: I have read from somewhere that some CP employees don't get paid enough for their work. And I think there's no better way of describing those SDM CP employees than the way you've described them. Your description perfectly matches what I had in mind. I'm glad to hear someone out there has the same opinion of CP as I do. =)
    Unfortunately, there aren't any stand alone post offices in my area. It leaves me no choice but to stick with SDM. After this incident, I stopped going to this SDM. I'd rather drive a little further to another SDM with better customer service.
    But ya, I definitely recommend you using PayPal printed shipping labels. It saves time and it's very convenient.

  3. @freqazoidiak: you know what. here's a little update on my opinion of CP. so i sold 3 things this past week, received payment and finally shipped off everything on nov 11. and i decided to give that SDM (one with the rude lady) another try. and unfortunate for me, she was working - AGAIN. So ok, whatever, I just dropped them off, said a 'thank you' and left. today is nov 13 and i checked the shipping progress of my 3 packages using the tracking #s i purchased and guess what? out of the 3, only 1 of them was checked in at the mississauga postal facility for mail distribution on nov 12. hmmm. what does that tell me? am i over thinking this or what? i'll wait until monday and see if the 2 parcels have been processed @mississauga, if not, i'm seriously going to HAVE to file a complaint. this is honestly ridiculous!!

  4. yea post office ladies are pretty freaking rude. I'm not an expert at this, but when i had my little fb online shop i had to print shipping labels all the time via paypal. and usually i get no problem with the post office ladies because they just dont wnat to bother with it. its an honor system afterall. i was in a similar situation like u before too and they just kept saying my package was small and not light. in the end, i just learned that its not worth the fight. paypal shipping labels is def the way to go :)

    1. I actually haven't seen that lady for a few months now. I think she's either quit or relocated. So I'm super glad she's gone. :)


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