Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Makeup look #4: Pulling off with red lips

I purchased a bright red lipstick back in May and never really tried it until today.  I never thought I could wear red lipstick because I used to borrow one of my mom's bright lipsticks and it never looked good on me.  I find bright red lips always accentuate my dark circles and just didn't look good on me.  So I googled the best way to pull off with red lips and most sites or blogs say that neutral makeup is the best way to wear red lipstick.  So here it is.

First, I want to achieve a porcelain-like skin tone.  So after moisturizing my face, I applied on Shiseido's SPF50 sunscreen.  Then I applied Smashbox primer to prep for my concealer.
Instead of wearing my Amazing concealer, I tried out my new MAC NW20 Select Cover-up to hide my dark circles and any redness on my face.   

After blending my concealer, I used my MAC natural skinfinish to set my concealer.

I didn't put on any eyeshadows, but I did line my upper eyelid with a greater cat eye than I usual cat eye routine.

Then to finalize the eye makeup, I curled my lashes and mascaraed it.

And to finish off the look, I took my never-used super red lipstick by Shiseido in P13 and carefully lined it within my lips.  I don't have a bright red lip liner that matches my P13, so my look may seem a little off.  At different angles, the dark circles are still visible but it doesn't look like I have panda eyes. =\

Final look:


  1. LOL we have the sane storyline about bright/red lipstick ... I always played with my moms makeup hehe...


    Alright thank you! Do you mind (if you get a chance to grab some tickets for December) to grab an extra two? [if you can... or if you hear of anymore? let me know?] i'll pay double just to go as a special surprise for my sister hehe! If not I totally understand! and thanks for the info very helpful!!! (PS went to MAC to ask a girl about it.. she was a total biatch ugh hate it!)

  2. Awe Thank you!! She was a total bitch and said "No, they're only for people who work at MAC" :( haha!


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