Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MAC warehouse sale haul

Here's my haul from the MAC warehouse sale.  And yes, this here seems very little, but everything came up to be $251.99 (tax included).  Unfortunately, I bought an extra pigment in Tan.  I forgot I had that already.  So if you're reading my blog and want a MAC pigment in the colour Tan, leave me a comment below. (SOLD)  =)  Anyways, I bought two tubes of MAC Skin Refining Zone Treatment and being so careless, I didn't check if there was any product in the tube. When I got back home, I was looking through the stuff I bought and yes, one of the tubes was COMPLETELY empty! Ugh!!! And yes, I feel like shaaat now.  Especially when they have a no exchange / refund policy.

This was my haul from Friday, Sep 10th.  And luckily, a friend of a friend had extra tickets for the Sunday MAC warehouse sale and so I asked her for 2 tickets to go with my mom.  And seriously, no wonder so many people line up on the first days of the MAC warehouse sales.  I went back on the Sunday and they didn't stock up on their products.  Or even if they did, they had a very limited amount stocked up.  There were hardly anything good left at the Sunday sale.


  1. is that the mac 165 that I spot? Which MSF's did you get? And what comes in that box set?

  2. Oh, I didn't see any Skin Refining Zone Treatment. That's my staple. And I'm sorry to hear about that tube :(. Oh, I have a Melon Pigment in the new packaging, if you want we could swap =).

    Sunday kinda sucked, but that's when I got most of my makeup stuff.

    I see refined MSF and Dainty blush, woo! And 165 is one of my favourite!

    Nice haul!


  3. ya, it's the mac 165 =)
    i got msf brunette and refined

    in the box set, there's msf light flush, min blush dainty, mes love connection and 181se - it's the pinkzapoppin mineralize kit. this was honestly such a steal deal.

  4. @rica:
    ya i know eh?! i spent so much this year on the 2 mac sales that i think i'll take a break from the sale for another yr or so. =|
    about the Melon pigment, i got it at the last sale in June.
    but o-m-g, on friday, i think it's because they were so busy at the cash, that either the girl or the guy miss counted and didn't charge me for one of the bags labelled $20. So i guess i scored a bonus that way. because i got home and recalculated on how much i should spent and i recalculated 3 times and they definitely missed a $20 in there.. =D


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