Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lightning and Thunder

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I was just woken up by a very loud thunder and now having trouble falling back asleep.  It's actually pretty scary.  Maybe I'm just imagining it but when it thundered, I felt a little shake.  Seems like God is really angry with us. =\
Weird, as I'm typing this in my dark room, I see the lightning flashing outside my window.  Weird.  It's like my window is my computer monitor, blinking at me.

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  1. i love thunderstorms!it woke me up too ehh :)

    i do like the maybelline gel eyeliner,it did not smudge on me at all,the brush it comes with is a bit big,i suggest getting a LINER brush ,they are a bit smaller and make better lines,for the price it works quite well ;)
    thanks for your comments hun


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