Thursday, October 7, 2010

Venomous Villains Mini Haul

It told myself I can not spend any more money on makeup until I finish what I have now, but it's like I'm addicted to it! I ended up stopping by The Bay to check out the Venomous Villains collection.  I picked up Oh So Fair beauty powder and Heartless l/s but ended up returning Oh So Fair, thinking it won't show up on my skintone.  I never knew makeup can be returned if it doesn't satisfy you.  Anyways, I ended up switching Oh So Fair for Briar Rose since Bite of an Apple was sold out.  I really wanted to see what the BoaA colour would look on my skintone - probably hard for me to pull off - but they didn't have the tester at the counter.

Anyways, as I was returning Oh So Fair, the MA (who is super nice - I'm surprised because I don't meet a lot of nice MAC MAs) sanitized the tester Oh So Fair for me to try on, and it actually looked natural on me.  The colour gives a natural look and if I wanted the colour to really show, I'd have to build on it but I like how subtle the colour was.  But oh well.  What's done is done.

If I do plan on getting Oh So Fair again, I'll probably get it when I go to Buffalo (in the States).  The price difference is so big between Canada and USA that it's shocking.
By the way, MAC has jacked up their prices once again.  I remember MAC lip sticks were $16.50 back in February, but I bought my Heartless l/s for $18.50! And on top of that, we have that 13% HST! Prices in Canada is just crazy on taxes! Actually, crazy is an understatement.


  1. You can always return items to MAC that do not work for you, used or not, they are really good about it. I recently returned the moisturecover concealer because the coverage didn't impress me.

  2. Ya, the MA told me items returned won't be resold. Which is the great part of it! =) Because I get a little worried sometimes when I'm at Sephora. Since their products are laid out for people to take, I see girls in there sometimes, going through the boxed packages =S . This kinda turns me off when I want to shop at Sephora.


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