Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ramble About Two-Hour Stay at the Fairview Mall

Today I walked into an Aritzia store with my mom to find something I can spend my $50 gift card on.  But I couldn't find anything I want! I found their apparel were either over-priced or average quality! I own a TNA bag, Winfred skirt, TNA leggings, and a pair of TNA sweatpants that I've not worn more than 10 times.
I prefer to shop at Zara now - better, nicer and classier clothes, and definitely worth it!  And once in a while, if Forever 21 wasn't that messy, I'd shop there as well.
I never understood the hype about Bench clothes.  The enormous logo they have on their clothes make you look like a walking advertisement for them, meanwhile you paid a hefty amount for it.  A few years ago, I followed my friend in this hype for Bench and owned 2-in-1 top and a hoodie sweater.  But I've definitely not worn those tops enough for the discount price I paid.

Shopping for trendy, moderately priced and good quality clothes is just so hard!

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