Sunday, October 24, 2010

Buffalo Trip and Haul

My brother and I headed to Buffalo early in the morning, hoping to avoid traffic at the border.  But like always, there were tons of Canadians heading south to go shopping since CAD was near par with USD. 
We headed to Niagara Fashion Outlet first and here's what I bought:
From Levi's
I bought a spring or fall jacket.  I had to strip the manikin, or the display, for this jacket.  I spent $75.59 USD on it.

Then we drove to a Walgreens that's on our way to Walden Galleria where I bought a buy-one-get-one-free Borghese nail polish.  This was definitely a great deal because it cost me $4.99 + tax.

Finally, we stopped at Walden Galleria.  I was mainly shopping for clothes there.  I L-O-V-E the Forever21 there.  It's 2 floors and way bigger AND better than the F21 on Yonge St or the one in Fairview Mall.  I haven't had the chance to walk into the one in Vaughan Mills mall but I did hear the one at Vaughan is better.  Anyways, I bought a sweater cardigan for $14.50 and a pair of denim jeggings for $11.50.

I walked into Macy's, with the intention of purchasing a MAC brush.  And I ended up purchasing a MAC 239.


  1. do you know the address of walgreens that you hit up on your way to walden? last time i was there...i couldnt find a walgreens near by and no locals seemed to have a clue where either. im hitting walden up again on tues.. would love to know if u remembered!! thnx doll

  2. @Bonnie: I'm assuming you're from Ontario, Canada and driving from either one of the bridges - Rainbow, Queen-Lewiston, and Peace. I went to one that was not so close. I made a trip to both Niagara Fashion Outlet and Walden Galleria, so I just g-mapped (google-mapped) any Walgreens that were on my way there. But the closest one I found to the border is:
    1202 Pine Ave, Niagara Falls, NY 14301

    I went to:
    5305 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221

    G-map it. Or if you want to go to other ones check out:
    And type in "Buffalo, NY" under Search by city and state or Zip code.

    Hope this helps! =D
    Have a great shopping trip on Tuesday! =)


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