Thursday, October 7, 2010

Makeup Look #5: Lookin Blue

So I decided to do a blues look.  Even though I own blue shadows, I've never stepped out of my house wearing it.  I find it's hard for me to pull off.  It's just easier for me to collect. =)  Anyways, I thought I should play around with the Bell-Bottom Blue OJ pigment I bought from the MAC sale.  So here it is:

I've applied moisturizer, sunscreened and primed my face.  Applied concealer and primed my eyelids with MAC's Painterly Paint Pot.

Then I took a light, shimmery blue colour and pat it on my inner one-third of my eye lid.

I took a slightly darker shimmery blue colour and pat it on the two-third (middle) part of my eye lid.

I took an even darker shimmery blue colour and pat it on the outer V of my eye, creating depth and dimension.

Using my MAC Bell-Bottom Blue OJ pigment, I lightly dabbed some pigment into the outer one-third of my eye.

Taking an eye smudger brush, I picked up some more Painterly paint pot and lined my lower lash line with it, creating a base for the darker shimmery blue colour.  Then I applied the colour.  I didn't apply an obviously alot of colour on my lower lash line because it tends to give me that "raccoon-y" look - which isn't so flattering. =\

I blended out any harsh lines.  And with every eye makeup look, you can not forget out the eyeliner.  I took an angle brush and picked up some black eyeliner, creating a winged cat eye.

And to finish up with the eye, I curled my lashes and put on some mascara.

And to finish the makeup look, I applied MAC Honeylove l/s since I have a lot of dramatic look going on at the eye, I don't want to draw the attention away from that.

The lighting washes out the colour pigments of my eyeshadow =( . And my camera isn't picking up a lot.

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