Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: Body Shop Body Butters

I love The Body Shop body butters! I'd choose body butters over hand lotion any day.  They may be 3-4x the price of regular drugstore hand/body lotions but they work so much better.  IMO, definitely worth the price.  Plus, they smell great.
I've finished the Burity Baby and Cocoa body butters.  They smell great and not irritating to me.

The consistency:
Depending on the type of skin you have, they range from normal skin to very dry skin.  Correspondingly, body butters for very dry skin tend to be thicker in consistency; and body butters for normal skin tend to have a less thick but not runny consistency.

The after-feel:
Definitely doesn't leave a sticky feeling behind.  I can feel my hands/body are moisturized and I wouldn't use the term "greasy" or "oily" feeling either - just moisturized.

The scents:
Out of the ones I bought, my favorite is the Strawberry body butter but the sad part is that it's not for very dry skin.  I find these scents are not irritating.  I bought the Jolly Orange one during Christmas so they don't have it in stores right now, but IMO, it's skip-able.  I'm def not loving the scent, just trying to hurry and finish it.

I tend to apply them throughout the day whenever I feel my hands need moisturizing.  But I find that it's really important to apply any lotion/body butters/cream after washing hands - otherwise it's not as effective.  Therefore, after showering, it's best to apply it all over the body.
I tend to use the body butters for very dry skin on my body and the normal skin ones for my hand.

Overall, I find The Body Shop body butters are great.  I haven't found a better brand of body butters or hand cream.  I've tried L'Occitane hand cream before - yes, a lot of people rated this as a great product, but for its price and results, I find Body Shop body butters cost less and work better.  I've tried the Strawberry body butter from Wal-Mart; uh, not great at all.  I managed to finish it, but trust me, def not an alternative to the Body Shop one.  The after-smell that the Wal-mart one leaves is not that pleasant.  Plus, the quality isn't that great either.  I've also tried the Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy and seriously, I still think The Body Shop body butters are better.  So until I can find something to top this off, it'll be The Body Shop body butters at the top of the list.

$ 6 CAD for 50 mL tubs
$ 18 CAD for 200 mL tubs
$ 25 CAD for 400 mL tubs

Product: The Body Shop body butters
Rating: 5 / 5

- super moisturizing
- makes my hands soft to the touch
- no cuticle problems
- decent price

- nothing I can think of


  1. i guess its because im super not into greasy butters, i think i prefer lotions better. but i must admit, i really love how nice they smell =D

  2. @Miss Jayce: Ya I prefer body butters because I have dry skin =|


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