Sunday, May 15, 2011

Haul: Shiseido / NARS warehouse sale - May 2011

I have yet another haul from the Shiseido / Nars warehouse sale.  I thought I wouldn't be able to make it.  But fortunately, my friend's bridal shower started later during the day.  My mom and I went this time and we got there pretty late =( and ended up waiting 2.5 hours in line.  Anyways, my haul is way smaller this time.
First is the Shiseido stuff.  They had limited stuff from the Pureness line at this sale, which was a little disappointing.  I was looking forward to get the Moisturizing Gel-Cream but they only had the lotion version.  So I had to resort to this instead.  This cost me $22 CAD before tax, compared to $40 CAD MSRP.

Next, I got the Balancing Softener, which cost me $16 CAD compared to $29 CAD MSRP.

I also got another Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in H8 Bare Pink.  It cost me $8 CAD compared to $28 CAD MSRP which is such a deal!

Finally, I got a white / floral makeup bag for $2.  I'll be leaving for Las Vegas in a few months so I thought this makeup bag was a great size to go traveling with.  The best part of it is the bag is reversible, so I can flip the bag inside-out.

Next I got 3 NARS different gift sets.  Each cost me $25.  I just thought they'd be great gifts.  I think they were selling these for $25 and $35 at the last warehouse sale - so def a great deal to pick up! They normally retail in the $50 USD range.


  1. love the stuff you got! especially the first and last gift lucky you got the chance to go! I really wanted to go this time but I never got the chance too :( great stuff you got though <3

  2. & I heard also that it might be running till tomorrow. but I still won't be able to make it :( anyways sorry for having these comments in two separate ones, I think I accidentally pressed the button. You can delete it if you want :)

  3. Hey I was there too but I arrived around 1 and by then most of the Nars set were gone and they didn't have the balancing softener anymore so you are so lucky!!

  4. I'm jealous of your blush duo set! I didn't see them when I got there :(

    I got only NARS stuff... Shiseido skincare items are too expensive even when they're on discount!


  5. omgosh, i didnt see the last 2 of the boxes sets!! :( i only got the first one argh!

  6. @charlene-ann: Are you in the GTA area too? Def great deals there. They started to add more NARS cosmetics since the last two sales. I def recommend going and picking up some sweet deals!

    @eLLah: When I first went in, they had a box left of Balancing Softener but when I left, they were all sold out. It's a little surprising because usually they have more stocked up.

    @Rica: When'd you get there? This sale is getting more and more popular. I was surprised to see so many ppl there when it was a rainy day... I agree that all the Shiseido skincare lines (except Pureness) isn't discounted by much.

    @allstyledup: When I was there, there were still a few boxes left. Then again, they didn't look like they had plenty stocked. I wish they sold the NARS Artist Palettes. =(

  7. im so happy they have more nars stuff. I LOVE NARS!! <3

  8. @Miss Jayce: Ya I was super happy that they were selling more NARS makeup. I'm really hoping they'll start selling the artist palettes too!!

  9. omg can you be my best friend so I can come with you!!! Great haul. :p

  10. @Allie: Thanks! There'll probably be another warehouse sale in November, but I don't think I'll be making it to this one. =( I've still got loads of skincare to finish up. Admissions is free for the general public on the last 2 of the 3 days they have the warehouse sale.


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