Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review: OMI Solanoveil SPF 50+ PA+++ White UV Cut Lotion Suncare

Comparatively speaking, I much prefer this OMI Solanoveil suncare product than the Shiseido sunscreen.  It's not only the price I'm comparing but the after-feel texture, it has a non-greasy formula which makes me choose this over the Shiseido sun protection lotion.  In addition, this OMI Solanoveil suncare has a prominent whitening effect.  For its price and effects, this product is worth trying.

The scent: None

Consistency: Very watery.

Application:  Apply after your daily morning skincare routine.  Rub approximately quarter-sized of the product on your palms and then apply over your facial skin.  Let it settle on your skin for a few minutes before applying on your makeup base or primer.

Packaging:  A 40mL bottle.  It's got a piping nozzle which makes it a bit easier to control how much product you want.

What it claims:
- Has a moisturizing relief effect that helps protect skin from UV rays and nourishes skin at the same time
- Non-greasy texture and easy to glide-on
- Waterproof and sweatproof
- Improves large pores and dull skin tone, giving you a natural sheen
- Weak acidity, no colorant
- For sensitive skin
- Can be used as make-up base

Thoughts / Results:
This really is a great product.  It's scent-free, meaning there's no sunscreen scent which I love.  Its whitening effects are visible after 5 minutes of application.  It's got a non-greasy formula, unlike the Shiseido sunscreen that bothers me.  The product does glide right on to my skin and blends in so well.  I haven't tried using it as a make-up base alone, I usually apply my regular foundation primer over the sunscreen and it works well.  As for the quantity you get from this product, it only has 40 mL but it's lasted me at least 6 months.  I guess they give so little product because it has to be kept fresh.  Honestly, for the price and quality of this product, it's definitely worth a try.  Plus, it's got a high SPF.

Cost: $7.10 USD

Product: OMI Solanoveil SPF 50+ PA+++ White UV Cut Lotion
Rating: 5 / 5

- Unlike the Shiseido sunscreen, this product is actually fragrance-free, not even that typical sunscreen scent.
- Great price
- Great moisturizing and whitening effects
- High SPF
- Product is not wasted at the nozzle tip like the Shiseido sunscreen packaging.

- None that I can think of.

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