Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review and Comparison: Koji Spring Heart Liquid Eyeliner (Black) and Sana Super Quick Eyeliner EX (Black)

Sana Super Quick Eyeliner EX
Koji Spring Heart Eyeliner

I'm currently in the midst of trying different liquid eyeliner and test out which is the best.  What do I look for in an eyeliner? Easy application (glides on), minimal smudging, highly pigmented, and long-lasting.  Well here are the two that I've bought from and tried.

Application:  "Slowly draw a line along the base of the upper lashes, start form tip to tail.  Finish by drawing an upward line at outer corner of eye." - Koji

"Draw a line with the liquid eyeliner at the roots of eyelashes from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye." - Sana

Packaging:  Both liners are felt-tip pens.  The Sana liner seems to have a shaker inside that helps break up the product while Koji one doesn't have one.

What it claims:
- A super fine tip to help you line your eyes.

- Draws an extremely thin, waterpoof and vivid eye lines.
- Fills in gap between eyelashes
- Waterproof formula is strongly sweat-resistant, tear-resistant and sebum-resistant

Thoughts / Results:
The Koji liquid eyeliner is relatively hard to apply.  Its tip doesn't easily get soaked with the ink.  It's relatively hard to draw a winged eye with this liner.  The good thing about this product was the long-lasting effect it's formula has and pigmentation.  After a full day's worth of wearing this product, it doesn't smudge.  It takes quite some time rubbing to remove with cleansing oil.  When using plain simple water to remove this liner, it is noticeable that it's wearing off but not fading.  It has a great colour payoff.  But honestly, I wouldn't repurchase this product as it doesn't glide on properly.

Now onto the Sana liner.  It applies really well.  Glides on easily, and I can create a clear, clean winged eye.  Now the downside of this liner is its long-lasting effect.  It smudges.  The colour fades away.  So really, its waterproof formula doesn't hold up to what it claims.  By the end of day, I'd have panda eyes.  Now I can semi-prevent that the panda eyes if I lightly dust some translucent powder over top the liner after application in the morning.  It is easily removable using cleansing oil.

Cost: Koji Spring Heart Liquid Eyeliner ($ 8.40 USD); Sana Super Quick Eyeliner EX ($ 11.20 USD)

Product: Koji Spring Heart Liquid Eyeliner and Sana Super Quick Eyeliner EX
Rating: 2 / 5 (Koji) and 4 / 5 (Sana)

- long lasting

- Glides on easily
- Fine felt tip
- Easy to manipulate

- Product does not get to the tip
- Hard to draw fine lines
- Hard to manipulate

- Not resistant to sweat and water
- Smudges throughout the day

Thin line drawn with each liner using the felt tips: Sana (Top) and Koji (Bottom)

3 strokes of each liner: Sana Super Quick Eyeliner EX (top) and Koji Spring Heart Liquid liner (bottom)
Soaked with water

Rubbed off with water

Rubbed with cleansing oil

After the use of water, rubbing and cleansing oil. Sana liner has faded but Koji liner is still intact with sign of wearing off.

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