Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Rant about My Clarisonic

I haven't done a random rant for awhile, but anyways.  So I think it was last week or maybe two weeks ago, I was taking a shower and usually, while I shower, I do my normal skincare routine.  Right after I scrub in the shampoo in my hair, I let it chill in there while I cleanse my face.  Unfortunately, while I was scrubbing in the shampoo, I accidentally knocked over my Clarisonic sitting on the ledge and man, did I ever regret not being careful! It made a loud thump when it fell and I was thinking, "Oh shit, I broke my $250 Clarisonic!"  So I was testing it out to see whether it was still working.  *Sigh* It was.  But it was making a loud vibrating noise.  ='(  So I'm like, "ok whatever, it works."  But now, every time I walk into the shower and use it, I just get more and more annoyed at the fact that it was in perfect condition before and now it's flawed! Errr! So now, I'm sitting here with a dilemma.  Should I call up Clarisonic and get that loud noise fixed, even though it still works? Or should I just let it be? I bought it in January of 2010 and I believe the Clarisonic Classic's have a two-year warranty, so I'm still good for 6 months.  Well that's if they would classify my case as under the warranty.  Oh man, I hate it when I'm so careless...  it's just the consequences that follow with the many problems!


  1. Hi Michelle,
    What happened about your Clarasonic? Did you contact Clarasonic about the noise? And if so what did they say? Thanks !

  2. @lunamac: Sorry for such a late reply. I called them up and they sent me a replacement as I was still under warranty.

  3. Hi there, Glad to hear they replaced your Clarisonic. Good customer service.

  4. @lunamac: Agree! Prior to calling, I looked up on Google for other users' similar concerns and how Clarisonic's customer service dealt with them.


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