Friday, June 10, 2011


I have another haul here.  This time it's from an online shop called Cosme De Net Co. Ltd.  I find this company is much like SaSa or Sephora, but CDE is a smaller company with a limited beauty supply and variation.  I find them frequently running out and replenishing their stock.  Now the only thing I have a problem .... ok, maybe not problem, but more annoyed ... with this online shop is how fast things go out of stock.  I guess they don't stock up a lot in case their stock doesn't get sold as fast, and they'll end up getting stuck with the old stock.  Also, depends on what you're looking to get, some things may be a little overpriced - i.e. brands we can easily find in North America - more specifically, MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc   
I made my order on Monday, June 6 and received it today (Friday, June 10).  Considering CDE is based in Hong Kong, I find its overseas shipping is super fast.  I expected it to take about 2 weeks, but I got it within one week.  In addition to fast shipping, my order came with tracking.  For those of you who, just like me, feel more secure ordering online when your items are trackable, it's a bonus.  Also, the extra thing I find great about CDE is it accepts PayPal.

Overall, I find they put a lot of care into packaging.  Everything I bought was bubble wrapped individually.  The outside box was packaged sleek and clean.  =) So I'm really satisfied with my purchase.

Anyways, here is what I ordered from CDE and their prices:
1.  Dr. Scholl MediOtto Sleep and Slim Long Socks --- $31 USD
2.  Dr. Scholl MediOtto Slimming Leggings --- $34 USD
3.  Vitacreme B12 Regenerative Cream --- $33 USD (but they have an additional 20% discount this month so it came up to $26 USD)

Basically, I spent a total of $91 USD.  They offer free shipping.  =) I didn't have to pay customs when my package arrived at my door and they do require signature confirmation.

Now about the products, I'll definitely do reviews on these products after a good long use.  I've done a little research on these Dr. Scholl MediOtto products and most say they work really well - some say temporarily, others say they have long-term effects.  But either way, I'll know after trying them out for a good month or so.  =D

Shop for premium cosmetics at COSME-DE.COM. Free Shipping on all orders!!

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