Sunday, June 12, 2011

Makeup Removal

From the time I knew how to apply makeup (I was probably around grade 8 or 9) until now, I think there has been - at most - a handful of times that I didn't wipe off my makeup, nor cleanse my face and went straight to bed.  BUT I haven't skipped this important process for a looong time.  Even during my undergrad years, no matter how late I came home from studying or partying, I'd remove all my makeup, cleanse my face before going to bed.

My recent makeup removal routine has been a two-step process.  Here's a little experiment I did so I can share with you, blog readers, on the effectiveness of Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil.

I've done a review on the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil last September.  I'm still on that same bottle of Cleansing Oil with one-third of the bottle left.  But I thought this little experiment I wanted to share could be an additional review on BB Cleansing Oil and my makeup removal routine.  Anyways, here's how I remove my makeup after wearing it for 6 - 7 hours.  Most of my makeup has melted off already.  Oh and don't mind my greasy hair and my minor breakouts.  =\

 Left: Before removing makeup ; Right: After removing makeup

Before makeup is removed
After using Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil
 I take 2 pumps of Arumee Pro-Moist Cleansing Milk and massage it into my face

Dirty tissue with wiped off Cleansing Milk from my face
Washing my face after using Cleansing Milk

Ta-da! My face is makeup-free and feels smoooooth.  =)
Clearly, BB Cleansing Oil did do its job - in terms of makeup removal.  But if you zoom in on that dirty tissue, you can see there is still very little - what looks like - foundation on there.  Oh and may I add that I definitely did wear mascara, eye liner and eye shadow, but BB Cleansing Oil has taken that off already.

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