Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shiseido & Nars Warehouse Sale - May 2013 Haul

After visiting the Shiseido and NARS warehouse sale more than 3 times, I've come to realize there isn't much I need anymore from this sale.  I've stopped going to this sale on Saturday.  I'd rather come on Sundays when the waiting line is much shorter.

By the time I got to the sale this morning - before 9AM, the warehouse was already letting people in.  I probably waited in line for about 10 - 15 minutes.  I didn't need much so I just pick up some body butters, a NARS multiple, an Orlane anti-fatigue masque, and, Shiseido Benefiance day and night cream for my mom.  I was out of there before 10AM.  It was less than an hour shopping where I spent $163.85 CAD.

Joico Skin Luxe Body Butter in Pink Vanilla - $4 each
I think these are steal deal.  Body butters are The Body Shop are usually at least $10 per jar.  So for $4 per jar, I'd think it's a good deal.  However, if you're looking for super hydrating body butters for dry skin, these are probably not what you're looking for.  I believe these body butters are for normal skin.

  NARS Multiple in Beverly Hills - $15
I love this rosy red colour.  Can't wait to try it out.

Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Masque - $30
They had an anti-fatigue serum that my mom wanted me to get but they didn't have any at this sale so I resorted to the masque.

Shiseido Benefiance Daytime Protective Cream SPF15 and Revitalizing Cream - $38 each
Shiseido's day and night cream for super dry skin.  Bought it for my mom.  I guess this is her mother day's gift.  =)


  1. you're so well behaved~~ I find that the longer you are in there, the more you end up spending :|

    1. I don't buy as much any more because I find the products go bad very soon so there wouldn't be a point of spending on it. I'd rather buy it at full price for a more fresh product. For example, I bought a NARS balanced foundation - a discontinued product - and the texture turned out sandy. =(

  2. Awesome haul! I've been to the Shiseido sale a couple times as well, but somehow still end up with a million things since I always seem to find a duo that I'm in love with! You've got such great control!

    1. Yeah, I can't really apply colourful makeup for work so there's no point of me getting eyeshadows.


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