Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: Vitacreme B12

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Last year, I heard this Vitacreme B12 cream works really well so I bought it.  After using it for about 6 months, I really regret it.  =(  My skin doesn't breakout easily.  My worst "breakout" is having a pimple or two during my menstrual period, which is normal.  Unfortunately, after using this product, I realize my skin was breaking out pretty badly and at random times through the month.  And I'm not saying this product work horribly on everyone, I'm just saying this product doesn't work for me.  No matter how often I exfoliate to unclog those pores, I feel this cream didn't do me any good.  It's been 3 months since I stopped using this product and my skin is getting better.  I'm not getting those random milia under my cheek bones, forehead and on the chin anymore.  Nor am I getting a random HUGE pimple on my cheekbone or on my chin anymore.  My skin used to be close to perfectly clear of bumps prior to using this product.  (UPDATE: I also changed my facial cleansing products while using Vitacreme B12, so this cream may have been a contributing factor to my breakout)  But now, even though they're going away, I still feel those random bumps or lumps under my cheekbone.  I can feel those lumps and be able to squeeze out the pus.  =(

The scent:  Light floral scent.  Reminds me a little of baby scent products.

Cream has a light pink colour
Consistency:  Has a lotion-like consistency, so it's not that thick.  However, I can feel that it's pretty oily. 

Application:  I apply this cream after washing my face with a facial cleanser and applying a toner.

Packaging:  It's in an aluminum-type tube.  Personally, I think it's not the best packaging because with frequent uses and pushing the product out of the opening, it can potentially wreck the packaging and cause a rip in the tube.

What it claims:  "Vitacreme B12 penetrates as far as dermo-epidermic junction thanks to its liposomic reactivating agents as well as the growth of germinative cells (Deeper layer of the epidermis) favoring the formation of elastin and collagen fibres.
Vitacreme B12 can help to prevent pre-mature wrinkling by reducing wrinkles and folds in the epidermis and improving skin elasticity. It also corrects epidermal dryness, smoothes or alleviates new or old scars.
Vitacreme B12 can also be rapidly absorbed without leaving the skin neither too greasy nor too dry and did not cause any shine while in the sun.
The eutrophic activity of the vitamin which penetrates as far as the dermo-epidermic junction has, as its' principal quality, the procurement at the epidermis of the water necessary for the revitalisation of the upper layers of the skin. The action is therefore particularly important for dry or aged skin caused by regular exposure to sun or the cold."

Thoughts / Results:  On myself, I haven't noticed changes as the product claims.  I purposely used this product during the winter to see if it lives up to its standards to counteract the winter cold and dry conditions.  Unfortunately, the skin on my nose is still peeling after the use of this product.  I didn't have old scars so rather than alleviating new and old scars, this may be contributing to my breakouts and causing new scars.  It's been about 3-4 months since I stopped using this product, and the scars formed from my breakouts are slowly disappearing.
However, I do feel that this product is rapidly absorbed into my skin and doesn't leave a greasy feel on it. 

Cost: $29.70 USD ( with PayPal promo code)

Product: Vitacreme B12
Rating: 1 / 5

- Doesn't leave a greasy feel on my skin 

- Caused my breakout
- Didn't hydrate or soften or help the winter dry skin


  1. Aw sucks that it broke you out! I ordered this as well after you posted that Cosme-de had it for a reasonable price to Canada. It didn't break me out, but I had issues with it balling up when I put on makeup afterwards. I've been using it on my under eyes for extra moisture during the winter and I think it works okay that way. You can always try that if you want to finish the tube or if all else fails use it as a very expensive hand cream! :)

  2. @Joan: Agree, I think I should try that. It would be expensive to use as a hand cream =S I'm a little afraid it will cause milia under my eyes, like not lumpy but pores clogged with white pus in them.
    Balling up? Like it clumps up? Do you pat it on your face or rub it on? Try patting it on and let it sit on your skin for some time before applying makeup. Or a very thin layer.

  3. Of course hand cream would be last resort if it didn't work at all for you. Or perhaps giving it to a friend to try? I've never really had issues with any milia with any product, but I guess this could be a problem if you are prone to getting it since its not really made specifically for the eyes.
    Yea clumps. If I let it sit longer than I do with other creams it would be fine, but mornings are usually pretty rushed for me.


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