Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review: B. Kamins Vegetable Cleanser

After purchasing this product, it took me a few months to finish my other facial cleansing products before starting to use this.  Sadly, I think this was another not so great product by B. Kamins.  It doesn't do what it claims such as cleansing the face and removing makeup.  I can make this claim because I use my Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleansing Machine after using this B. Kamins cleanser and I can see my foundation on the cotton pad.  And because this product doesn't do a great job on face cleansing, my pores were clogged for the past few month and caused my breakout.  =(

The scent:  A light chemical, plastic scent since it's fragrance free.

Consistency:  Not thick.  Doesn't create foam after contact with water.

Application:  I use another makeup removing product before using this facial cleanser.  Then I squirt some product onto my Shiseido Facial Exfoliating Brush or Clarisonic and exfoliate my face.

Packaging:  No additional cardboard box packaging.  When I bought it, it just came in the bottle.  The bottle is recyclable.  Therefore they promote eco-friendly activities.

What it claims:  "A vegetable based cleanser and makeup remover that dissolves and removes impurities from the face and delicate eye area.  Clarifying, soothing and moisturizing ingredients help improve skin smoothness, elasticity and radiance.  Oil, fragrance and color free, this gentle formula is ideal for cleansing sensitive skin types, especially post-microdermabrasion and laser-treated skin."

Thoughts / Results:  I felt this product didn't do much for me.  Definitely not worth the money.  It makes a lot of nice claims but it didn't remove the impurities on my skin.  Compared to the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, I find the cleansing oil did a LOT better.  If I go to the MAC warehouse sale and they still sell the product there, I think I'd pick up a few more bottles.  My skin was smooth, clean and soft when I was using the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil.  =(  And it's not like that anymore ='(.  So comparatively, this product didn't do as well as others and it didn't live up to its own claim.  I guess it's such a gentle formula that it didn't do anything for me.

Since this product is so gentle, I wouldn't recommend using it at night after removing makeup.  It's better used in the morning when you're just removing the excess oil on your skin from the build up during the night.  But honestly, you're better off using Cetaphil from the drug store that costs less than $15 compared to $38 for this bottle.

Cost: $38 CAD @Murale

Product: B. Kamins Vegetable Cleanser
Rating: 1 / 5

- Attempts to remove makeup
- Fragrance free
- Gentle formula

- Doesn't remove all makeup
- Doesn't cleanse face well if makeup isn't fully removed
- Because doesn't cleanse well, it doesn't unclog pores
- Doesn't improve skin smoothness, elasticity and radiance

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