Friday, December 16, 2011

Review: Shiseido Pureness Pore Purifying Warming Scrub

This is my first facial exfoliant I've ever bought, so it is a few years old.  I haven't been consistently using it, partly because of the price for the amount of product I get.  =\ 

The scent:
Fresh, light floral scent.  Not an irritating smell.

It is a clear oily-sticky-feel gel with orange microbeads.

To prep my skin, I cleanse my face with whatever cleanser I'm using at that time.  Then if I feel like it, I'd use a facial sauna to steam and soften my skin to melt away the impurities in my pores.  Sometimes I skip this facial sauna step.  I dry my hands and face, dab the scrub on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.  Slowly, I massage and spread it all over my face until I feel the microbeads and granules have dissolved.  Then rinse.

Swatch of scrub
Comes in a 50 mL (1.7 oz) tube.

What it claims:
"Give your skin power over shine, imperfections and dryness.  A self-warming gel scrub that unclogs pores and removes excess oil for a feeling of fresh, deeply-cleansed skin.  Pores look less obvious.
-  Warms comfortably on contact to help draw out pore-clogging impurities and excess oil.
-  Contains microbeads and purifying granules for deep cleansing action.
-  Minimizes the visibility of pores while leaving skin feeling fresh and silky." 

Thoughts / Results:
White clumps = dead skin cells
I was first introduced to this product when I received a small sample of it as a gift with purchase.   Sometimes I can feel the the blackhead lumps caused by the excess oil.  So I like the microbeads and granules in this scrub as I feel it really rubs away the excess oil / dirt / impurities that clog my pores - especially on my nose.  Personally, I don't feel this scrub is causing too abrasive on my skin.  Though others may feel otherwise.  Shiseido's Pureness line is supposedly for combination and normal-to-oily skin.  Its products are suppose to bring balance to skin.  IMO, if you use too much of this product, you are possibly removing too much oil from your skin.  Thus, I'd recommend adding little bit as you're massaging and spreading it over your skin.  Using too much of this product also prevents you from feeling the "warming" effect.  The warming effect comes from the friction of micro beads and granules as you're rubbing it in circular motion over your skin.  This is also the problem for many people who claim they don't feel the warming effect.

I can definitely feel the results of this scrub.  My skin feels smoother, not lumpy due to the blackheads.  For me, the smoothness can last around 3 - 4 days.  These results are more clearly seen and felt on my nose.

In terms of giving shine to the skin, I do feel and see the shine.  Before using the scrub, my skin does look duller.  But I'm not sure about imperfections, at least it's not visibly noticeable to me.  I still see the dark areas due to developing/developed/no longer there pimples.  As for dryness, I do feel this scrub is more hydrating than the other brands of exfoliants - i.e. the B. Kamins Bamboo & Rice Facial Polisher.  Yet, I still see some dry peeled skin on my nose.  However, my pores do feel and look unclogged.  Thus my skin is left feeling smooth, fresh and silky.  But don't expect the blackheads to disappear, they may look smaller and/or less prominent.

$29 CAD

Before; skin more yellow and dull
After using facial sauna
After using scrub; skin more clear

Product: Shiseido Pureness Pore Purifying Warming Scrub
Rating: 4 / 5

- Leaves skin smoother
- Noticeably unclogs pores
- Restores shine to your skin
- Warming effect helps draw out the impurities in your pores
- Pores become less visible

- Doesn't completely clear the dry peeled skin
- Warming effect is hard to grasp
- $29 CAD for a 50mL tube is a bit expensive

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