Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: NARS Eyebrow Pencil in Jodhpur

I hardly use eyebrow pencil but have always wanted to include it in my makeup routine.  This eyebrow pencil is the first eyebrow pencil I have bought and tried.  For me, I need an eyebrow pencil to fill in spaces between hairs.  I don't have over plucked eyebrows so I don't need to draw them on.  However, I have areas where filling is needed as I got them done before and the lady messed them up permanently - I haven't been able to grow them back in some areas.  For darker hair individuals, I've heard the closest shade to your eyebrow hair is to find a colour that is 2 to 3 shades lighter than your hair colour.  For lighter hair individuals, it's 2 to 3 shades darker.  But to me, this rule of thumb is so abstract.  It doesn't tell me exactly how to find the right colour for me, since beauty brands don't carry multiple shades of one colour.  Therefore, I've had to hunt around and look for the right one.

Left: 2 light strokes; Middle: 2 regular strokes; Right: 4 regular strokes
Sometimes I find the product needs to be warmed up on the back of my hand before I apply it because I think it's a little dried up and no colour is coming off.  When it works perfectly fine and the colour is paying off, I start at the arch of my eyebrow and lightly stroke outwards to the end of my brow.  Then I take a spooly (or a disposable mascara wand) and spread / brush the colour towards the beginning of my brow.  I like my eyebrows starting light and gradually gets darker at the end of my brows.  I guess you can consider it the natural look of eyebrows.

I bought this NARS eyebrow pencil at the Shiseido and NARS warehouse sale so it didn't come with a box, though I'm not sure whether it usually does come with a box - probably not.  The product comes in a form of a pencil with a lid and no sharpener, nor a eyebrow brush on the lid.

What it claims:
"Sculpts and defines the eyebrow with rich, natural looking pigment to softly frame the eyes.  The firm texture allows for maximum control and provides long-lasting definition.  Ideal shades for matching to most brow colors.  Longwearing and blendable.  Firm texture for smooth strokes of color."

Thoughts / Results:
NARS came out with 3 different shades of its eyebrow pencil - Ipanema (darkest), Jodhpur, and Panama (lightest).  I chose the colour that best matched my hair - Jodhpur - and after using this pencil for over 6 months, I find it fills and blends in my sparse areas quite well.  It does give the natural looking effect.  As for the lasting effect, I have worn my full face makeup - including the brow pencil - for around 7 hours and it is agreeable that it is longwearing.  It doesn't budge and I don't have a problem with removing it with cleansing oil.  For me, with light strokes, this colour works for me.  The product quality is great as well - in comparison with the popular Lancome eyebrow pencil in Taupe.  I've tried the Lancome one in Sephora and warming it on the back of my hand to get some colour payoff took quite a bit of effort.  Plus the colour didn't look natural for me.  =\  The only thing that I don't like about this eyebrow pencil is no sharpener or an eyebrow brush on the lid.  It would have been more convenient if the packaging included either one.

Overall, I'm happy I got this at a great price and it's a great product.

*My camera flash refused to light in my 'After' photo =(

$6 CAD @ Shiseido / NARS warehouse sale (Retail price: $25 USD MSRP)

Product: NARS eyebrow pencil in Jodhpur
Rating: 4.5 / 5

- Long-lasting
- Blendable or spreadable with a spooly or disposable mascara wand
- For me, works well with my hair colour

- Wish it had a eyebrow brush or sharpener on the lid
- Pricey

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